Sreenidhi Cash Certificate

Eligibility : Individuals (singly or jointly), Minor by guardian, Organizations, Co-op. Societies

Minimum Balance: Rs. 5000/- and further rise in multiples of Rs. 100/-


Special Features/Facilities: TDS applicable Form 15H/15G required to be submitted for exemption of TDS. If you are exempt from paying tax, you need to present Form 15H when you open a Fixed Deposit and subsequently at the beginning of the following financial year.

Charges / Penalty: In case of payment before maturity Interest upto 30 days will be Nil Above 30 days : 1% less than applicable rate of Interest for the actual period for which deposit is kept with the Bank.( @ Simple Interest)

Account closure : As above, if payment is before maturity .


RATE OF INTEREST ON FIXED DEPOSITS With effect from 26th-December-2022 (BOD Resolution Dated 21/12/2022)


Rate of Interest

31 Days upto 90 Days


91 Days upto 180 Days


181 Days upto 1 Year


Above 1 Year upto 2 Years


Above 2 Year upto 3 Years


Above 3 years upto 5 years


5 years & Above


  • Minimum period is 15 months for Sreenidhi Cash Certificate & Recurring Deposits.
  • 0.50% extra for SENIOR CITIZENS (60 Years and above) for the deposits of above 1 Year.
  • Higher rate of interest of 0.50% for BULK DEPOSITS of Rs.1.00 crore and above invested at a time for a period of one year and above.