Misc. Charges

 As per Board Resolution dt:-27/04/2018, Misc. charges from SB/CA/TL w.e.f. 15/05/2018


Present charges

Inward Clearing Cheque Return Charges

Rs.250/- + GST

Outward Clearing Cheque Return Charges

Rs.100/- + GST

ECS Return Charges

Rs.250/- + GST

Minimum Balance Not Maintained Charges (Half yearly)

CA Rs.150/- + GST

ATM Annual Charges

Rs.100/- + GST

ATM PIN Replacement Charges

Rs.30/- + GST

Duplicate ATM Cards Charges

Rs.200+ GST

Pass Sheet Charges

SB A/c  Rs.10/- + GST
CA Rs.10/- + GST
(If the statement repeats for same dates for CA)

Pay order/DD Cancellation Charges

Rs.100/- + GST

Account Closing Charges

SB Rs.150/- (Before six months + GST)
CA Rs.250/- (Before six months+ GST)

Incidental Charges (Half yearly)

CA Rs.100/- +  GST

Operative to Inoperative A/c Charges


Inoperative A/c to  Operative  A/c Charges

Rs.100/- +  GST

Personalized Cheque Book Issue Charges

SB Rs.3/- per leaf + GST (Exceeding 20 leaves per annum) , CA Rs.3/- per leaf +  GST

DD/PO Revalidation Charges

Rs.100/- + GST

Loan EMI Cheque return charges

Rs.500/- + GST

Loan recovery visit charges:


Upto Rs.2,000/- + GST

RPAD Notice/Letter of Loanees/Sureties

Rs.150/- + GST

Ordinary post to Loanees/Sureties

Rs.50/- + GST

Visit of sezure agents/recovery agents


Seizure of vehicle

Two Wheeler


Four Wheeler


Vehicle Loans Processing Fee

(As per B.R.dated 16/11/2019)

Two Wheeler

In case of  New Vehicle Rs.500/- or 0.25% of Loan Value whichever is higher and Valuation charges extra for Second hand vehicles

Three Wheeler


Four Wheelers

In case of  New Vehicle Rs.2500/- or 0.25% of Loan Value whichever is higher and Valuation charges extra for Second hand vehicles

Gold Loan application Fee

Rs.100/- + GST

Vehicle loan application Fee

Rs.100/- + GST

Property mortgage loan application Fee

Rs.100/- + GST

Share application Fee

Rs.100/- + GST

Additional share application fee

Rs.100/- + GST

Share admission Fee

Rs.150/- + GST

Nominal membership Fee

Rs.250/- + GST

Nominal membership application Fee

Rs.100/- + GST

Pre-closure subject to payment of interest for pre-closing(Excluding housing loan)

6 Months

Takeover Charges

2% of the outstanding loan amount

Property Inspection ( Yearly Inspection)

Rs.500/- + GST

Processing Charges

The Processing charges for loan on immovable properties are exclusive of Legal & valuation charges