Housing Loan

  • Home loans are available for purchasing new residential house/ flat or for construction of house/bungalow or for taking over home loan from other institution
  • Maximum amount Rs.70 Lakhs
  • Rate of interest is as per interest rate chart


Special Features:

  • Minimum Documents
  • Fast Processing of Loan
  • Immediate Loan Sanction
  • Both Term loan and Over draft facility available


Housing Loan Interest Rates

Interest Rate Loan Amount Minimum Loan Amount Maximum Period of Term Note
  • 10.25%
  • 11.25%
  • 5 Lakhs
  • Rs.25 Lakhs
  • Up to Rs.25 Lakhs
  • Up to Rs.70 Lakhs
  • 20 years/ 240 months
  • 20 years/240 months